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    So I need to find the right distro...

    Linux newbie - installed several distros in the last 4-5 years but have never kept one very long. Getting very tired of XP/Microsoft and Vista is the first OS since 3.11 that I haven't had a desire to install.

    Need to dual boot w/XP as I have a few proggies that need it - namely one running Sql Server that has no Linux variation and I use for work. I'm also interested in trying to run XP on Linux (Xine/VM Ware/etc.) but I need to dual boot for a while.

    Running Athlon 64 (think I need a 32bit install for VM)
    2 - WD 160gig SATA drives (no stripe/no raid)
    1 - WD 160gig IDE drive

    As I'm used to XP, I need to find a distro that's full of stuff out of the box as there's a learning curve to installing packages. As patience isn't my virtue with my PC as of late, if the distro doesn't do most of what I want easily I'll scrap it.

    What I need from a distro:
    CD burning capabilities
    DVD ripping/burning capabilities (i.e Roxio)
    Audi/video player - Realmedia/etc.
    Photo editing (i.e Photoshop) don't like Gimp
    Nice graphics/etc.


    Downed Ubuntu 6.10
    Needed to dual boot - NOT the most user friendly partitioning software
    Finally let the OS re-size my NTFS partition -poof! Had to reformat as NT kernel was gone.
    Looked like an ok distro and I might try it again now that I have partitions (Mandriva install)

    Mandriva Free 2007
    False/misleading advertising on their site and during the install - free version DOESN'T have realmedia/dvd player/etc.
    Installed/partitioned/ran fine initially.
    Decided to follow this tutorial as it appears to install everything that I need from the OS. Unfortunately, now Mandriva is locking up/won't finish updates/etc so I'll scrap it.

    Thinking of trying Ubuntu again using the partitions that Mandriva created (because of my previous partition failure w/Ubuntu) as it would appear that I am getting ready to re-format once again.

    Any distro ideas?


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    Please read the link in my signature. Here, you will find many resources to get you started on your way.
    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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