I'm driving myself crazy over installing a dual boot system of XP and Fedora 4. My Computer is currently set up as follows: 1 IDE Hard drive partitioned into 2. 1 for the Windows OS files and another partition for general files (Both NTFS). I then have 2 large ATA drives. 1 is currently in use with various stuff on it while the other is currently empty.

I planned to have Linux on this empty ATA drive. I have been able to d/l the F4 DVD .iso and get it working but when it comes to choosing a HD to install to i can only see the 2 ATA drives present. It seems to not see the Windows HD at all. Is this what supposed to be happening?

I proceeded and installed the OS choosing the MBR on sbda (i think) so that hopefully the grub would load on restart. But Win XP always automatically starts. I think it has to do with the IDE drive not being recognised, is there anyone who can shed any light?