1. Create a FAT32 partition which is slightly bigger than the total size of all the ISO's.
  2. Next, create another partition where you want to install Linux. (ext2 I believe)
  3. Boot up Windows, and put the ISO images onto the FAT32 partition.
  4. Download: vmlinuz & initrd.img from the mirror that the ISO images were on. (For FC6 they are in the /os/isolinux/ folder)
  5. Setup Grub to boot from those files
    title Linux Installer
    kernel   (hd#,#)/path/to/file/vmlinuz
    initrd   (hd#,#)/path/to/file/initrd.img
    The (hd#,#) will probably be (hd0,0), but you may need to ask for help if it doesn't work.
    *I am not going to go through how to set up GRUB, because that is a different topic.
  6. At the GRUB boot screen, choose Linux Installer. Follow the diredtions, and when it asks for the discs, select harddrive, and choose the location the images are on.