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    Question partitioning - multiple linux

    hi guys

    i was thinking about reinstalling my entire pc.

    i was thinking along the lines of m$ xp pro for backup (i always seem to need to capy a dll from there...) as a fat32 at the back of the hdd

    then i was thinking about going for debian testing, ubuntu feisty fawn, gentoo

    then i would also have a swap at ~2 gb and a seperate /home, so that i got the same home everywhere...

    now the thing is that i had tried to keep xp in an extended partition, but grub was not able to boot from it that way...

    so now i am wondering how i should manage this with 4 os's, swap and /home

    can linux boot even when it is in an extended partition???

    my idea is like follows:

    20gb debian primary (provides boot loader grub/lilo i dont care)
    extended with:
    20gb ubuntu
    20gb gentoo
    ~2gb swap
    150-20-20-20-20-~2=~68 /home
    20gb fat32 xp

    would i be able to boot into all systems without trouble?
    or is there a better solution?
    should i choose grub or lilo?
    is my os list good? maybe add fedora? opensuse? or ...
    how is it with installing gentoo lvl 1 without a wired network conection? i have to use ndiswrapper as of now...

    my grafics is an ati X300SE
    which one has the best support?

    thx for all answers

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    Hi Wofl,

    This won't answer all your questions but may help with some...
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    thanks, but what about the limit of 4 primary partitions???

    windows didnt work in extended, but will linux?

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    thanks, but what about the limit of 4 primary partitions???

    windows didnt work in extended, but will linux?
    Linux doesn't care about partition type. you can install it in Logical Partitions too. i have six Linux distros + Windows XP installed in SIngle Harddisk. Linux distros are installed in Extended Partition and Windows is in first Primary partition.
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