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    Gentoo MADNESS!!!!!!

    I'll tell you everything I've tried and how it ended, starting with my Fedora Core 6 installation attempt. I first tried to run the live cd version of this operating system and I would watch as it pulled up the installation progress screen for me to see what it was doing. No matter what I tried it would always get to the "Installing Firewall" section and promptly freeze up. After I beat my head against that for a weeks I decided to try installing all the cd's on to my hard drive and boot from it. I got the same reaction from this that I get from Ubuntu now. I boots up and gets to the point where I see an "X" on the screen where the mouse is supposed to be then it hangs. Could it be a problem with my mouse? I was thinking that the problem must be with the mother board because of the dual LAN but I may be wrong after reading where some many people with my board have been able to run Linux on it.

    When I try to run a live cd of Ubuntu I usually get to see a very brown looking wall paper and an "X" on the screen where my mouse should be before it freezes. When I tried installing from the Alternative 6.10 cd I can get to the login prompt before it freezes. It usually wont freeze till after three seconds have passed while starring at the login prompt. If I'm fast enough I can get my first name in there before it freezes. I've tried to install Fiesty Fawn as well with the same results. I was told to take my sound card out, turn off my LANS and try installing with all three versions and I did, with the same results. What ever this problem's taking three seconds after I see the wall paper or login prompt to lock my computer up. I was told that I needed to upgrade the bios on the mother board. I did that the second I put it together and there hasn't been an update for my board since then. I tried installing on a SCSI hard drive and was told that Ubuntu doesn't automatically recognize those because it's looking for IDE hard drives instead so I placed a 10GB IDE hard drive in there and installed it on success. I'm more than willing to send you pictures of my computer or make you a detailed list of every piece of hardware I have if it's going to get Linux on my computer.
    To be totally honest with you I'd prefer to get Fedora Core 6 working on my computer because I bought this big expensive book on it and I've never been able to use it. LOL. If you come up with some ideas for me to try please let me know.

    Gigabyte K8NSNXP Socket 754
    Sempron +3400
    XFX GeForce 6600 GT
    Ultra 2gig Ram
    Wester Digital 10GB IDE Hard Drive
    X-Fi Creative Sound Card
    Creative Ultra Webcam
    Internal USB 2.0 PCI card.
    LG 17 inch Monitor
    Epson CX5000 All-in-one Printer
    Cordless Logitech Mouse
    Standard Keyboard

    That's all I can think of. Just tell me what to take out, burn, or shoot and I'll do it. LOL.

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    its a Graphics Card problem. installers are not configuring your graphics card properly. install Fedora OR Ubuntu in text mode. its very easy to fix graphics after installation.

    type 'linux text' at boot: prompt of Fedora. for Ubuntu, download Ubuntu Alternate CD. it has text mode installer.
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    FC 6 is a good distribution.
    You mentioned it freezes when X starts.
    Does it also freeze when you boot in a non graphical environment?
    Also, after it freezes, can you still use a a terminal in a vc (press ctrl-alt-f1)?
    Did you try using "vesa" instead of the "nv" video driver (crashed my system with an FX6600GT card as well)?

    Most important, does it freeze if you don't use X?
    (using the commercial nVidia driver will probably fix everything if it's indeed X related)

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