Hi all:

I am writing to ask some advice. When the motherboard in my trusty Duron 1.4 died recently (after many years of great service), I found it was far more cost effective to replace the entire computer (“tower” only) with a Compaq SR1910NX. My Duron, in its Gigabyte motherboard with Via chipset and an nVidia GeForce 200 video card ran PCLinuxOS flawlessly. I have an SR1610NX at work which runs Linux beautifully, so I thought the SR1910MX combination would do the same.

This SR1910NX has a Sempron 1.8g processor with an integrated nVidia 6150LE graphics / chipset and a Seagate SATA hard drive. Installing PCLinuxOS- it idn't get past the splash screen. This happened with Mandriva and openSuse aswell. Fedora Colre 6 and Debian Etch appeared to install, but on start up hung up early and then died. The closest I have gotten to a working installation was Ubuntu, but after success in installing, it started throwning ATA errors on booting again.

I have read that there are some issues with 6150LE chipset and almost any distribution of Linux. The supposed causes range from a problem with the DHCP configuration through the Ethernet system not being recognized to the video system not being recognized.

Since I am not into tearing my hair out, I thought I would ask- is there any way to make this system run reliably? If so I would certainly appreciate it if you could forward that information to me.

The second part of this then would be if this is not feasible, I have the option of exchanging the 1910 for a different computer (It's still under warranty). The other available systems currently are:

1. an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ with nVidia 6100 graphics and the nVidia GeForce Go chipset integrated audio and integrated Ethernet 10/100/1000 network interface and an SATA drive.

2. a Celeron processor, ATI Radeon Express 200 graphics and chipset, integrated audio and integrated network interface. Again and SATA drive

3. a Pentium 4 processor, ATI Radeon Express 200 graphics and chipset, an SATA drive, integrated audio and integrated network interface.

There are several other Athlon 64 processors but they also use the nVidia 6150LE chipset, so I guess the question would be if the 6150LE chipset for the Athlon 64 is different enough to allow running Linux “right out of the box”?

Any advice you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated and thanks.