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    Reccomendations for partition sizes


    I'm a total newb here, so sorry if I do something wrong. Please move this thread if I'm in the wrong place Anyways, onto my question.

    I'm a pretty big gamer. I'd say that other than web browsing, gaming is the primary use for my computer. Recently, I decided to make the dive into Linux. I need to keep XP just in case, so I'll be going the dual boot option. I've got two 250 GB HDs right now, with a 250GB backup drive. What would you recommend for partition sizes? I've got the HDs in Raid 0 right now, is that something I should keep as is?

    I'm just being cautious I guess. I'd hate to find out that WINE/Cedega run NONE of my games, and my new 250 GB Linux partition becomes practically useless. The opposite is true, if WINE/Cedega end up running ALL of my games, I don't really need a large XP partition

    Thanks a million,


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    750 GB worth of hard disk space?!?! I wouldn't worry about partition sizes, although I've heard of problems people have had with RAID arrays. The most economical way I know of setting up your partitions is to have one for / and one for /home (and maybe one for swap space). Basically, / should be as big as you think your system could possibly get, /home should be as big as however much data you'll think you might have and swap should be about 1.5x the size of your RAM.

    I would also try to keep your gaming to your Windows install. Most PC games are native to Windows and run best on that platform. Wine and Cedega are valiant efforts to emulate a Windows environment but you shouldn't try to run your games on Linux with them when you have a perfectly good Windows install. If you install Linux, you will probably have dual boot set up for you and then you can choose between the two when you start your machine, Windows for your gaming purposes and Linux for everything else.

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