Hello I just got my new Acer travelmate 4200AWLMI, And got some troubles running/installing linux.
The laptop was orginal made with windows vista basic. After I try that for a half day I got mad and try install my Windows XP pro.
When drivers was loading in I noticed that it loaded in some 64Bit drivers In and then failed with a PCI error.
I try numbers of time, until I desided to work with some linux, first my ubuntu cd. Loaded perfectly without errors until suddenly(while loading graphic drivers in I think) black screen. I try reboot it with the button, nothing happend until sometime after it show that it was closing down, like after it close the graphic drivers I guess. I didn't get it so I try with Knoppix,backTrack, mandriva, Phlak , and some slaxs variants. All the same, black screen after loading in some drivers, and when I hit the power button just after a little time I could see it close like normaly.

I got so mad I nearly throw out the damn computer outta the window. So I had to install windows again. I'd try my old Windows XP home oem. And it worked just like it should.

Now I have windows xp home, I never been really that much of a linux guy but I would love to get it to work so someone please help me, or atleast try.

I read something about in 1999 bill gates said he wanted to change the ACPI or summat so only worked for NT, I have no clue why this is not working.

Between my laptops hardware is:
intel core Soloprocessor t1350 (1.86 ghz, 533MHz, 2MB L2 cache).
15.4 WXGA LCD.
up to 192 NVIDIA Geforce go 7300 turbocache
512MB DDR2 ram
802.11a/b7g wireless LAN

Thanks for listening and sorry for the bad english.

Thanks in advance.