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    Enlarge partition???

    Is it possible to add some more space to me "/" partition. I am runnning low on space. Also i am thinking of transfering my FC2 install to a new HDD. BUt i need to know if i can enlarge that partition without losing all the information. because if i cant enlarge it then i will lose all my setting and prgrams and have to doa freash install thanks for any help

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    i'm not sure, but take a look at qtparted. Its the closest thing to Partition Magic you'll see with Linux (or I thought it was) which should allow you to modify it. The main problem is i don't believe you can modify it when the partition's mounted...
    Have a live-cd distro? pop that in and run qtparted and fix it like that if you can.

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    ok i tried that qtparted things but duirng ./configure i got

    configure: error: *** reiserfsprogs library (libreiserfs) not found
    what should i do now

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    try installing qtparted using your distors package manager if it has one, otherwise qtparted is available with knoppix just beware i hear many horror stories about qtparted and reiserfs so be very careful best of luck.

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    Thanks i actaully ahve a knoppix cd so i will give it a go. If i lose my stuff....oh well lol. Thanks

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