Hey, I have 2 x 80 GB ATA 133 maxtors on a Promise Fastrack 100 TX2
I have a Raid0 set up, it's just for my media server, I have a redundant backup procedure running through the night for saftey.

Now upon installing freeBSD 4.10 I'm unable to boot into it's installer with the Drives attached to the card. The install goes great once I pull the drives off the card. But I don't like sketchy installs so I thought I'd go to a different build.

REDhat 9.0 seemed logical and very accessible. In disk druid I figured I should see the single RAID0 volume but instead the 2 x 80GB drives appeared. Now this is a hardware RAID0. How does the druid disk tool see the seperate drives ?

SInce this was the case I just stuck with redhat and a Non Raid ATA 133 controller and set up a software raid0.

NEXT question

I have an Intel PRO1000MT (desktop) which installed automatically in freeBSD, but I can't succsessfully build an RPM in redhat from Intel's E1000.tar file...IS anyone using this card in Redhat 9 ? I assumed redhat would have built in hardware support for this card as it's SO industry standard and because freeBSD's support was so kick-ass.

I'm a newbie, kind of, so any help's appreciated. One thing I don't understand fully is the RPM, ANyone see any good explanation of RPMs and the whole procedure that I can read up on ? links ?
I get what they're about, But not what's happening when building one. And how come I've tried 3 different RPM's of Samba 3.0.4 and they don't install..No error, no problem...Just run them and nothing happens...I've installed a few packages without issue, But not Samba 3.0.4

Anyways, No rushh...Any help's appreciated