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    slackware boot problem

    hey all wass up
    well i installed slackware 9.1 on an old pc , a pentium mmx 166 ghz, 32 ram, 20gb hd, the installation worked fine and i used the partitioning option writen in the book on the slackware website, so everything went fine, and i installed lilo as the bootloader, so after i finished installing, i booted the system up, it checked for hdd and everything and then after saying" verifying dmi pool data" it writes this on all the screan " L 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 ..."
    can anyone tell me what might be the problem???
    i can only work on my pc using the bootable floppy
    thanks for any help

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    it's aLILO problem. You will need to re-install LILO onto your mbr.

    Don't ask me how, as I gave up LILO years ago.

    have fun


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    well i fixed the problem it was caused by my old bios all i had to do is configure it to auto detect my hd and after i rebooted the pc it worked just fine i got the lilo prompt and everything is ok now

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    hows that old comp running with linux i've been adived not to install linux on an old system

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    well man linux can run on any system it's made for that dude you can install only the packages that u need without any other ******** like windows and make it's installation as low as 5 MB if you want nice huh!!!

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