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Thread: HDD Problems

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    HDD Problems

    well, ive used these computers with windows for years without problems. Now i tried to install linux on them (2 seperate pc's).. one with gentoo, and the other with lfs. Within a matter of hours i was getting stuff like "ide0:reset:successful" and read/write errors while compiling. I ran the hdd's diagnostics and if failed. I was pissed off about this, lost 2 good hard drives and nothing to show for it. Well, not knowing linux, i wanted to do something like a dos format C: .. so i ran a linux boot disk and did some "shrd" command to 0 out one drive, and random write the other, wierd thing? The diagnositcs pass on both drives after that! now im not mad, im confused as hell... any idea if drives are toasted, linux goofed, or something else?! I really want a linux distro, but not at the expence of 2 drives.

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    is there possible some boot disk that will allow me to test EVERY part of the hard drive, like write to it then read it.. much like the ram ones work? just so i know if its working or not. Thanks alot in advance.

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    i search the net for the error and found one that was close, it had errors like
    hde: dma_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
    ide0: reset: successful
    ...just thought id add that incase it helps.

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    interesting choice of distribution. You may like to "cut your teeth" on one of the friendlier distros (like Fedora Core or Mandrake).

    As to the hard disk diagnostics, try out the DFT programs at :-

    which will let you do all sorts of things to your hard disks (as well as test them).

    As to a Linux version of "Format C:" check out "parted" or "fdisk" . They're about as close as Linux comes.

    One thing though, please don't be pout off by your problems, once you get over the initially steep learning curve (made vertical by some distros) I'm certain that you'll enjoy Linux.

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    well technically the correct alternative for format c: is mkfs ( Format is the utility to create the fat tables on a hard drive). fdisk or parted may be used for adding deleting and modifying partitions.. but not recommended for formatting.
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