I have two different difficulties with grub and booting and this post is about the first one. I've developed the hobby of trying out different Linux distros, and so my machine is quite multi-boot. I also recently acquired Windows XP for the value that I think it is worth.

A weird thing has happened. To boot into my favorite Linux distros, Frugalware and Vector, I have to have the machine set to AHCI. I have a Gigabyte 965P. (For Frugalware, this seems to be absolutely requirement. I'm not sure about Vector. Perhaps, if I reinstall it, it AHCI wouldn't be needed.) On the other hand, to boot Windows XP (which I only do to waste my time playing the game Civilization) I have to disable AHCI. I would rather not to have enter the BIOS just to be able to boot different OS.

Does anyone have any ideas how to boot Windows XP with AHCI? Deepest apologies for asking here, but I would feel dirtied going to a Windows forum.