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Thread: What to do...

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    What to do...

    I have just got some SATA drives (second hand). I am looking at reinstalling my system from scratch. literally completely wiping the disks that the OS will be installed onto, and then copying stuff across as needed. What i am not too sure about is what disks to use and how to partition them.

    Firstly the disks i have:

    160GB Western Digital Raptor 7200RPM
    120GB Seagate 7200RPM

    4x 80GB Hitachi Deskstar.

    Secondly... the space to fit them in:

    I currently have the 2 IDE drives in my computer (that i would probably rather leave in Situ if it suits. Further to that, i have the space for another 3 3.5" drives.

    Thirdly the power situation:

    I have a 400W PSU, and i'm not too sure on how many disks this will like powering, what with my Athlon XP 1700+, DVD-RW and 2 8cm LED fans. (I do have some CCFL's in there, but they're turned off all the time now anyway, so can ignore those power wise... i even think they're unplugged at the moment anyway!!)

    I am looking at re-installing Gentoo, but instead of copying all my configs, i will start completely from scratch (i know it will take longer, but the computer will stay as it is for longer this time).

    What i am after is suggestions for how many disks to use (I am currently using 2 of them which has allowed me to clear the 120GB IDE drive)

    Partitions i would like are: /, /boot, /home, /mnt/downloads (for any apps and such that i download), /mnt/music (30-40GB), /mnt/video... that's all i can think of for now, but if other partitions would be suggested, i will think about incorporating them. Should I maybe think about joining music and video partitions into one "media" partition?

    Cheers for suggestions.

    Edit: I think i have come to the conclusion not to use the SATA's in the main desktop as i already have 280GB of storage in there. What i think i will do instead is put them into my server and use them more as file storage instead. The server would probably benefit from the faster access speeds anyway, so i'll do that... now onto deciding what to do partition wise!!
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    OK, i gave up waiting for a response, and sorted my system like this:

    120GB disk:

    hda1: SWAP - 1GB (Yeh, i know it's big, but i have plenty of space anyway!!)
    hda2: /boot - 32MB (Kinda the opposite theory to the SWAP eh!!
    hda3: / - 40gb (Should be plenty for what i use the system for, Managed with 10GB before, so 40 will EASILY cover what i need)
    hda4: /home - <rest of the space>. Not after other partitions really, so this will suffice.

    160GB disk
    hdc1: /media - 160GB (all of the space). This will contain all my videos, music, and maybe some other stuff. Though my previous "downloads" partition has been incorporated into my home now. And i think i will be putting the SATA disks into my server
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