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    CD with multiple linux Distro's?

    Hey guys,
    I've got Ubuntu 7.04 set up on my laptop right now, and I'm LOVING it. If I had enough self control to stop trying to change things with the core OS (like trying to install beryl on an ATI laptop) and then killing it every couple minutes, I'd switch over permanently from windows and delete my partition (then reinstall a core system to play CS:Source and Rome:TW).

    Despite this newfound love of ubuntu, I'd still like to test out a few more flavors like linspire. However, I don't want to download 5-10 CD's so that I can test a few distributions by installing each on an older computer. Is there a single CD that I can download that has a lot of major distribution net-installers on it, but only one (or no) Live CD capabilities?

    Also, I'd like to have it set up so I need the smallest hard drive possible, so is there a root directory setup that will allow me to use other partitions that have the core components installed on them so, for example, I don't need multiple installs of gnome on the same computer? This is asking quite a bit, but it seems like an awesome idea to me, so I figured that someone might already have something like this made. Thanks in advance for any help

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    Like this. Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

    Btw, you will not be able to have just instance of gnome, each distro will have it's own desktop/window manager.
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    yeah, almost like this, but I'd like a few more distro's and some more popular ones as well, like suse, slackware, debian, linspire, etc. Thanks though, this one doesn't look half bad either.

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