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    installing linux in a partition

    Hi everyone!
    I'm a completely newbie in linux. In fact I didn't even start linux at all.
    I have recently cleaned up my computer, made several partitions and reserved one for linux (my other os is windows xp) since I want to switch to linux at some point but I find it too daring to do it right now since I've been a windows user since win95 and I'm using tons of programs.
    1- I heard it is not very wise to install linux after windows, even though if they are on separate partitions. And that linux should be installed first. If this is right it's going to become a pain in the ass as I re-installed every program I use in windows.
    2- What would be the minimum size of a partition to start with linux? Mine is 6 GB, will that do for a start? Should I add some more space?

    Thanks a lot

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    you have your information a bit backwards on the first part. You want to install Windows first, then Linux. The reason being is that Windows uses what's called the MBR (Master Boot Record) on the hard disk, which uses just strictly for Windows. Installing Linux after Windows will allow you to write a bootloader (basically a list of OS's to boot from) over the MBR allowing you to go into either Windows or Linux.

    As for size, there really is no minimum. Technically, you could have only serveral meg's and install a distro... but that's a whole nother story. Your 6GB partition should cover the job very well. What you'll end up doing though is probably breaking that partition into two partitions. One at about 5GB (for installation of the OS) and the other at about 1GB (for a Swap partition, like the virtual memory in Windows)

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    thanks a lot, now the tricky questions:
    - how do I write a bootloader? Does this option come with the installation of linux?
    - Do I need to make the partition you suggested in linux beforehand (windows) or should I wait for the linux install instead?
    - Which version of linux you recommend? As I'm a newbie I thought of redhat since it (as I read) has more help/support/users. I'm into graphic/multimedia desing and heavy 3D applications, if this matters at all.

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    Do some google searchs for dual booting linux. You want windows on first, then linux.

    As for the disk space, pick a distro and look at thier documentation to see what they recommend. will give you some basic ideas and reviews on what's out there. I would stick with one of the "Major Distrobutions" for the first time install.

    Here's some info from RedHat/Fedora to give you an idea of what it will take. None of the major distro's are that different so they will be about the same. But if you go with another distro, take some time and search thier web site and find thier doc's.

    Basic getting started (this one will lead you to the others)

    Disk space info

    Dual booting info

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    hi logan5,

    the url you posted for dual boot info is the same as teh one for disk partitioning... could you submit it?


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    hmm, alright well for any distro you'll be using now, and most all do, yes there is a bootloader. For the distro's you will probably start off with, there will probably be no real writing done at all, it'll do all of it for you really. You should be alright making the filesystems from the installation, but don't try and edit your Windows partition from the installer, that usually never goes over well. Just make the Linux fs's in the installer. Otherwise try something like Partition Magic from Windows and create filesystems. Good beginning distro's are:

    Red Hat

    They're usually the biggest of the three. Also, SuSe is a popular one too, but that's a bit more tricky to deal with (installation wise unless you buy it) so you're better off with one of those three.

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