After my Athlon melted off the mobo, I was forced to install
WinBlows 2K because the hardware on my main PC will not support
Linux - video sucks; no, swallows. It also doesn't install properly.
I tried SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mepis. Knoppix/Kanotix runs
live, but the installer cannot be found.

My backup PC is a P3-450 with 100 MB RAM. I like Mandrake 8.1 Mandrake
was my first stab at Linux in 1999. I know it was an older version.
Anyway, I have 8.2 that I keep for any demos I may do on older hardware, but
is 450 Mhz, 100 MB Ram enough to run this?

Current medical bills will not allow me to buy a new PC at this time;
maybe July.

Although a MS cert, I am a Linux person...........