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    Moving Partitions around

    Im trying to install linux with dynamic drive overlay installed which allows my motherboard to use my unsupported 120Gb Hard Drive. Having read through other peoples experiances with the same problem it seems i may have to move the partition with the boot files on it to somewhere within the the first 32 Gb the BIOS can recognise. How should i go about doing this? I know it should be the first partition however im unsure about how to move partitions around and do not have a copy of partition magic. I would also like to preseve my existing windows installation which linux does not detect. And how should I configure the installer? Im Trying to install mandrake 10.00 and there is 30 Gb of unpartitioned space on the drive. Thanks.

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    i dont think it's possible to move partitions *PHYSICALLY* in HDD. But, I remember CFDISK supports creating the partitions either from starting of Free Space or Ending of free space.

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    Just nd update, i hadnt made ANY changes and now the Mandrake installer tells me my partition table is corrupt and i can either lose all partitions or continue and let DrakX make the changes. I select not to lose all partitions and then it examines the drive looking for mount points and hangs. Any Suggestions? Thanks.

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