I've searched for an answer to this problem, but thus far I've not found an answer, so hopefully someone here can help;

I've always used linux as a secondary OS but I've decided to kick bill gates out of my flat once and for all, but I'm having a wee bit of trouble. I installed ubuntu on my machine and all went well, the installation went smoothly, and I rebooted the machine, everything still ok, I then rebooted the computer after enabling 3D acceleration on the graphics card, and when GRUB (which is installed on the MBR) went to load nothing happened, there's no error it just says loading GRUB... on the screen and nothing happens. I decided to completely wipe the drive, and start over.. once again the installation went well, I booted into ubuntu, then without changing anything rebooted the computer, same thing happened.

I though maybe there was something wron with the hard drive so i installed a different harddrivem and once again the same thing happened, I even tried installing mandriva thinking maybe something was wrong with my ubuntu install disc, same thing again.

I can't think of what could be causing this.. and any help would
appreciated.. in case it helps here's the system set up:

K8T Neo motherboard
AMD 64 3200+
nVidia FX 5700 +


HDA: 80GB WD (booting from this drive)
hda1 - 19GB /
hda5 - 1GB swap
hda6 - 60GB /home

2x 200GB maxtor's on EIDE RAID 0 (I tried disconnecting these, and nothing changed)

Nothing in the PCI slots.

If anyone has any help, I would appreciate it.