Hey, Im new to these forums, but not a total newb to linux. I have done several installs, but this is my first with GNOME as the environment. Im not sure if that makes any difference, but heres the problem. I go to a termainal, gain root access with su, and the enter the command "gnoppix-installer" so far so good. I get a message saying "This script will install gnoppix to your hard disk, its under heavy development, etc. etc." I click ok and get the choices "Partition your hard disk" or "Quit". I go to Partition, and it launches the ugly qparted. I already have my disk partitioned, but figure it wont hurt to redo. I repartition, having hda the linux ext3 file system, and hdb swap. hda is 8 gigs, hdb is 1 gig. I commit changes to memory, and then go to "quit" in qparted. I get back to the same "partiton" or "quit" screen. Any ideas?