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    Installed Mandrake 10, trys to boot & displays 9999's

    I recently installed Mandrake 10.0 on my 3rd hard drive which resides by itself (master) on an ATA PCI card. All of the hard drives are set on my system to be a master drive and are all on their own channel. The partition that boots windows is on a 30 gig drive which resides on the primary IDE channel on the motherboard. The 2nd Hard Drive (60Gig) is also on its on channel is on the second IDE channel on the PCI ATA controller (SIIG controller). Lilo is apparently installed on the first hard drive of the computer. I tried installing Lilo on each of the drives but I do not think it helped. How coudl I remove lilo from these drives since it didn't help. When the computer gets though the bios and starts to boot it just displays a page of 99999999's. I'm thinking becuase the 3rd hard drive is very large 160 Gigs and the linux partition and swap file sit on the last aprox. 25 gigs of the dive that it just won't boot. Ive heard of problems booting linux over 1024 cylinders but I wasn't sure if that was still and issue. If anyone could help it would be greatly appriciated.


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    I had that problem. It ended up being a broken mbr. You can fix it from dos by typing in the command mbrfix i think, or what i did is use damn small linux as a rescue cd and run your lilo configuration from there.

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