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    Two Questions from a Newbie

    Hey all,

    I have a couple of questions. I currently have a broken install of Mandrake 9 and I want to switch to SuSe before I dive into building a box from scratch. My questions are:

    1. Where does LILO reside and how do I get rid of it so the NT loader can take over again? I have finished a second PC to put SuSe on and I want to restore my XP Pro box to it's pure M$ glory .

    2. Most of the distros don't list a 786 build. Does this mean any distro I install will not be running optimally? If so, would building a kernel on my box improve its performance with my system?



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    Question 1: To get rid of Lilo just boot to a 98 Windows boot floppy (or any boot disk that will boot into DOS and has fdisk on it) and run
    fdisk /mbr
    That will take care of that problem assuming you installed LILO to your MBR.

    Question 2: I have never really bothered with that. When I decided to build a system that was optimized to my PC I simply installed Gentoo. That distro is amazing and actually easy to use and install.

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    Yes, it means it isn't specifically optimized for your CPU, that is correct. If you want it that optimized compile everything yourself, that is the only true way to do it. There are only a few things that 786s do that 3/4/5/686s can't do, and they are minimal. It isn't like you are gaining noticeable speed. Apache will be able to handle 12500 consecutive threads instead of 12495. That is the kind of difference that you will be able to see. So the optimization is good for production level servers, but for mainstream it just isn't that important. Especially considering the closest closed-source competitor to Apache is like 55% of the speed of Apache (or almost as fast if running MS's specific tests).
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    Thanks! I have unscrewed my box now and got SuSe up and running on the other.


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