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    Installing Linux on old laptop.

    I have a Dell Latitude LM that is currently running win95. It has 24mb RAM, 133mhz, and 1.34gigs. It has a floppy drive but no CD drive or USB ports. I've been trying to find a distro that will work, but the only one that even started to install was Debian, and it wouldn't complete the install because I didn't have enough memory. I've been looking at the smaller distros (like Damn Small, Puppy, Feather, and DeLi), but they all require a CD at some point in the installation as far as I can tell. Any suggestions for what I can do to get Linux on my computer? I have no interest in keeping win95 for any reason and there aren't any files on the computer that I need to keep, so I don't want a dual boot or anything like that.Thanks!

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    I have tried installing linux on a computer even a little older then the one you are talking about and I was never able to install any distro that was a live cd. The only distro that I was able to install of the ones I tried (including DSL and puppy) was Slackware, I think because of the text based installer. Slackware is almost certinley too big (unless you have a zip drive) to fit on a floppy, but you might be able to find a text installer for another smaller distro. I tried a quick google search, but you might be luckier. Hope that helps, at least a little!

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