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    Question Can't add Suse 10.2 to XP+Vista system

    Hi everyone,
    I have a problem with my soon-to-be triple boot system. I intend to have Windows XP pro+SP2, Vista Business and Suse 10.2 linux.
    The procedure I undertook went as follows:
    1) Inserted the XP CD and made partitions in this order:
    20GB for XP
    30GB for Vista
    20GB for linux core
    3GB for linux swap
    50GB fat32 for win-linux filesharing
    100GB NTFS for miscellaneous win stuff

    2) Next, I formatted the first partition and installed XP on it. Note that I only "created" all the other partitions. I didn't format them into any FS.

    3) After setting up XP, I put the Vista DVD wanting to install Vista. I decided to redistribute disk space by reducing the FAT32 and misc NTFS partitions in order to enlarge the Vista partition up to about 40GB, just to be on the safe side.
    So i delete all partitions except the XP one and add a 40gig Vista and a 20gig linux plus a 3gig swap. The vista partition editor then informed me that I can't make any other partitions because it doesn't support that many partitions. I accept this, thinking that I will be able to add more partitions with Suse's partition editor.
    So, at this time i have these partitions
    20GB XP
    40GB Vista
    20GB for linux core
    3GB for linux swap
    about 150GB of unpartitioned disk space.

    4) Now I insert the Suse DVD. It starts the installation automatically and after select a language and date/time it informs me that the existing space has all been taken by windows and that i should delete the windows partitions if I want to install Suse. It even says that the win partitions can't be shrunk to free up space. It doesn't even notice the 150GB of unpartitioned space! Also, I can't see how do I get into the Suse partition editor, in case that would be of help...

    Please help me, I'm really stuck!

    P.S. Sorry about the long post. I simply tried to depict the situation as best I can.

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    Hi and Welcome !

    Did you create all Partition as Primary? its not possible to create more than 4 Primary Partitions.
    Delete last two partitions that you have created for Linux. Create one big Extended Partition consuming all the free available space. Create Logical Partitions inside Extended Partition. There is no limit on the number of Logical Partitions. Unlike Windows OSes, Linux doesn't care about Partition Type and you can install it in Logical Partitions too.

    * 512MB to 1GB Space is enough for Linux. If you have more than 1GB RAM, there is no need to create SWAP Partition.
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    That's right, I did make all four partitions primary! I'll try this.

    Thanks very much

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    Ran into more trouble. I cleared up everything except the XP and Vista partitions using Suse's partition editor (the one you get when you tell the installation that you want to do the partitioning yourself. Then I created a small .83E (or smt like that) partition. Then an extended partition which would house Suse's core and swap partitions. I left unpartitioned space for the before mentioned FAT sharing partition and 100GB NTFS partition. I thought if I created them with a linux partitioning tool that they would be unusable in Windows. Suse installation went like a charm.

    Now I have 2 primary partitions (XP and Vista) and an extended one with linux and about 150GB of unpartitioned space. Tried to create partitions in that space using Partition Magic 8.0 in XP, but the program won't even start. It reports a problem with not being able to detect some partition's drive letter.

    Could someone please explain how could I make this triple boot system work? Or direct me to a site that has some detailed information on this procedure. I don't mind starting over.
    I just want to have all three OSs plus a sharing FAT32 partition and a big 'ol NTFS partition.

    Thanks a bunch in advance ;0)

    P.S. Should I use a bootable partition editor, if there is such a thing? :0) I keep hearing good things about this GPartEd thingy
    Should I make some kind of "boot" partition?
    Also forgot to mention that I have only one 250GB hard disk. 2.6GHz P4 and a gig of RAM.
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    Well, I just started from scratch making two primary partitions (one for XP and one for Vista) and an extended one containing a linux EXT3 partition and a linux-swap partition along with two big fat32 and ntfs partitions.
    XP asked me if I wanted to install XP directly into the already prepared (with gparted) ntfs partition, and I said yes. Hope that was the right choice.

    Anyways, just started the Vista installation. I'll be sure to say if everything worked, cya

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