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    Problem with mkinitrd


    I'm having a problem getting mkinitrd to create a ram image for my Xandros x86 system on my Xandros system. Ran the following with no problem:

    make menuconfig
    make modules_install

    I verified after install the the correct directories were created along with files in /lib

    Problem I'm having is with mkinitrd. First of all I'm not absolutely sure I'm launching it correctly as the man page, command line help and internet man pages don't always agree with each other.

    Here's how I'm launching it:

    mkinitrd -k

    Here's the output I get:

    Using specified kernel version
    output_file = /boot/initrd-
    Modules in ramdisk: ide-disk.ko reiserfs.ko
    mknod -m 0660 /tmp/mkinitrd.dir1440//dev/hda2 b 3 2
    Modules: ide-disk.ko reiserfs.ko
    Could not copy modules! at /sbin/mkinitrd line 337.

    Note I am running this as root and I verified that the files ide-disk.ko and reiserfs.ko exist in the /lib/modules/ directories

    I also verified that there is a /boot directory and I can copy files to it.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Xandros own forum has a detailed step-by-step instructions on how to
    recreate the ramdisk:

    link here

    hope this may be of assistance to you.

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    Interesting approach-they're not using mkinitrd but using the existing ram image as a template. But I would like to to figure out why mkinitrd doesn't work as I've never had a problem with mkinitrd with other distributions. But if I can't get an answer soon, I may give this other method a try.

    Thanks for your response.

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