Hello all,

I am trying to build a custom kernel on FC6. Traditionally, I have used no modules and run a very stripped down kernel. I have successfully built many kernels for older systems ( specifically FC2), but am running into an issue with CentOS and FC6 where i cannot get my new kernel to work. I can place this kernel on a FC2 system and it boots fine. What I have found through research is that this is related to the /dev file system not being present on the installation that i am working on and it appears to be present as a function of the initrd img used in calling the original kernel startup in grub.conf.

The errors i am running into are one of two:

first, without a line in the grub.conf for an image ( im not using an initrd), i get an unable to open an initial console statement.

Second, using the same initrd image from the default installation i get and unable to find init message

My question is: Is the initrd img absolutely necessary now? For security reasons i am loathe to enable module support in the new kernel, yet cant build an initrd without it.

Thanks much in advance for any pointers or info