Hey guys, tried to use a vanilla kernel (2.6.20) with SUSE Enterprise 10 SP1 and im getting the following problem:

1) When i try to boot into the new installed kernel in GRUB, i get a black screen
2) When i try to boot into the failsafe entry of the new kernel, i get the following error message:

Code: Bad RIP value
RIP [<0000000000000000>]_stext+0x7fdff0e010xe0
RSP <ffffffff80644f60>
CR2: <0000000000000000>
<0>Kernel Panic - not syncing: Aiee. killing interrupt handler

My new GRUB entry has exactly the same parameters, except the actual kernel location and initrd file are at different locations.

I used the follow proceedure to compile my 2.6.20 vanilla kernel.

1. rm /usr/src/linux
2. ln -s /usr/src/linux-2.6.20/ /usr/src/linux
3. make mrproper
4. cd /usr/src/linux
5. cp /boot/config- .config ( is the kernel im currently running)
6. make xconfig (added built in kernel support for my e1000 network card, and core 2 support, and nfs client and nfs root support - all non-modular)
7. make dep
8. make clean
9. make bzImage
10. make modules
11. make modules_install
12. make install
13. *reboot* - and test new kernel option in GRUB

Is there something that i am missing here? Please help! This has been driving me crazy for weeks now! Thanks in advance