hey all,
Well i need your opinion on this. I am thinking of doing a semester long project in which i shall try to tweak the linux SMP kernel for intel pentium dual core processor (or mayb amd). Now the thing is that i am a novice in this area and i reckoned that this project will give me a good exposure of the kernel. I am totally lost as in i dont know where to start, how to go about doing this etc. This is where i could use your help. Now i can put in sumthing like 300 hours into the project. Consider my knowledge about the kernel to be very basic (mostly theorotical). It will be much appreciated if you guys can tell my what i can aim for in that timeframe. Also any links, suggested books or help of any kind will be much appreciated.
thanx in advance,

I am really lukin fwd to the project, please help me in getting started.