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    Post Can this be done?

    I'm looking at Linux for use in my company.
    I don't know very much about it but i know it's open source and most distros are free.

    What i'm looking to do with it:

    Distro Kubuntu 7.10
    1 - partition the hard drive into 2 partitions. (call them main and beta)
    2 - install Kub Linux to the main partition.
    3 - use the source code to add awareness of a propriatary file system format. (call this the Beta kernel)
    4 - replace the Main Kernel with the Beta Kernel.
    5 - use the Beta Kernel on the main partition to format the Beta partition in the propritary file system format.
    6 - copy the Core of linux (including the Beta Kernal) to the Beta partition.
    7 - restore the original Main Kernel to the Main partition.

    end results should be:
    Beta partition can see both partitions.
    Main partition can only understand its own partition.
    if the HD is removed and placed into another computer then another OS still won't understand the Beta partion.

    Make the Beta Partition the boot partition.
    upon boot, the Beta Linux will check for a company signed CD in the CD drive (contents vary, signing folows a formula)
    If there is a Signed CD/DVD in the CD drive then it will continue to boot up using the Beta partition and allow company specific work to be performed.
    If there is NOT a signed CD/DVD in the CD/DVD drive then it will unload the BETA os and boot from the Main partition. the main partition will be unable to access the Beta drive.

    That's what i'm looking at doing. Is it possiable with Linux and a little education?

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    I would say it's quite doable, with Linux and a lot of education (plus the pain you'd expect from this sort of adventure).

    Go for it!

    Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.

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    In a few weeks we'll get in the equipment for the prototype computer.
    After that we'll try to accomplish what was posted above.

    If anyone knows an easier way then please post it up.

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    You can use Hide option in GRUB to hide other partitions.
    ( Most Secure way ) : Create more than one Extended Partition. None of OS (Windows, Mac or Linux/Unix) recognize more than one Extended Partition.
    1. Extended Partition -- Logical partitions. Install Linux in Logical partition.
    Hide existing Extended partition through GRUB.
    2. Create new Extended and Logical partitions. -- Install other Operating System(s).

    With this method, you can create 4 Extended and 11 or more Logical Partitions in each Extended Partition.

    You must have sound knowledge of GRUB to implement this. Check GRUB manual.
    It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.
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