Hello All,

I have ARM9 systems with JFFS2 root file system. For some reasons, e.g. system crash or power failure, when system boots up next time, it takes much longer time than usual to mount jffs2 root file system. It can hang at following message for 3-10 min. The system will eventually come up and function well. This problem occurred on less than 10% of boards.

NET4: Unix domain sockets 1.0/SMP for Linux NET4.0.
Fast Floating Point Emulator V0.9 (c) Peter Teichmann.

There are some symbolic links in the root file system. These links is linked to the files in another partition. Could that cause problem if the file in the other partition gets corrupted? This behaviour is not reproducible. Looks like the files in the flash are not corrupted. I guess the corruption could be in jffs2 file system.

Anyone has seen this issue, and solution?

Appreciate very much for any input,