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    Trouble booting into new kernel.

    Hello all,
    I just compiled the 2.6.7 kernel into fedora core 1, and i'm having trouble configuring grub to boot into it, here is my setup:

    In "/boot":
    evilkernel (bzImage i think)

    and i added into the Grub.conf file:

    title=Fedora Core 1-evilkernel(2.6.7)
    kernel /evilkernel root=/dev/hda4
    Then i rebooted, and chose evilkernel from grub. It appeared as if it was booting, meaning that it displayed some data on my CPU, some PCI bus info, and it ended at "ACPI subsystem revision 20040320" and stopped.

    Am I doing anything wrong?

    After several days of reading manuals, google searches and forum surfing, i have come to no conclusion. Any help will be GREATLY APPRICIATED.

    Thanx in advance

    Distro: Fedora Core 1
    GUI: Gnome
    Bootloader: Grub
    Current kernel: 2.4.22-1.2115
    Kernel i'm trying to get to: 2.6.7

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    In your kernel configuration disable APM, or ACPI powermangement related stuff, recompile the kernel and see if that fixes it.


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