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    'make modules_install' yields unresolved error ??

    i recently compiled the source code for a 2.6.7 kernel. 'make bzImage' and 'make modules' seemed fine (no errors, only warning), but 'make modules_install' resulted in several unresolved symbol errors, such as:

    depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.6.7/kernel/sound/synth/snd-util-mem.ko

    my version of depmod is 2.4.25 so that should be fine (kernel doco states the version needs be higher than something like 0.9)

    Any ideas about what is causing this error ?

    thank you

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    I had some of these when i built my 2.6.7 kernel, from what i remember it was a case of needing extra modules to be compiled into the kernel as well as what i had already selected.

    From what i remember i had a painstaking process of googling the unresolve symbol to work out what kernel module provided that symbol/function then compiling that module as well and retrying.

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    i'll give it a go

    thx for your advice. i'll give it a go. i noticed that all the unresolved symbol errors that resulted from the 'make modules_install' error have something to do with sound. I'll search the net or vary which sound mods are compiled, or recompile all the default options (last resort)

    thanks again,

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    i just tried compiling a 2.6.7 kernel with default options (to see if the problem was in fact a missing option). unfortunately i seemed to get the same unresolved symbol type errors during the make modules_install. all the errors have to do with sound. i'm still looking into it.

    so far i've been doing this:
    make O=... menuconfig
    make o=... bzImage
    make o=... modules
    make o=... modules_install (errors occur here)

    i'm using root to do all operations.

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