Hello everyone ,

i simply need an pro. of kernel .. as i am a windows user i almost don't know any thing about kernels

we have a machine that controled with SBC and touchscreen and special kernel linux on Diskonchip

i have got a copy
of diskonchip contents and this is apic of them


this kernel was on this board PCM-4525 :

PCM-4825 486 SBC with Processor, Audio and VGA/LCD

with atouch screen support and no mouse

the problem is :

those board and the Diskonchip is now obsolete
and i want to put this kernel on new board on a compactflash and enable the mouse driver and vga driver for the new board ????

i will apload the folder contents that showed in the above pic
to the one how will help me in all this mission

i will pay to the one who help me ( as this control is very important to me )

please PM me or contact me on

waiting for the Proffesionals of the kernel