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Thread: linux scheduler

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    linux scheduler

    i am developing a custom linux scheuler can anybody guide me through the process
    i need to know how can i build a new scheduler and how many functions i need to change in kernel source code.

    thanking you in advance....

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    You are going to do a very tedious job omesh.
    Linux 2.6 started with a O(1) complexity scheduler. The code related is found in kernel/sched.h, and include/linux/sched.h .

    The latest scheduler being used in CFS scheduler (Completely Fair Scheduler) it uses a red black tree to sort jobs and the leftmost is used for next replacement.
    The associated files are sched_fair.c, sched.c, sched_debug.c, sched_rt.c .

    Another scheduler which was going to be merged into the main line was Rotating Staircase DeadLine scheduler but wasn't included.

    There is a lot of stuff on net to read. Best is the kernel source itself.

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