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    How to go about kernel debugging


    I am working on the implementation of cross layer design issues in networking.I have downloaded the kernel source code for linux- kgdb patch is aslo downloaded.I have set up 2 machines-development and target for debugging.These 2 machines are connected via serial cable.I start the gdb on development machine.My target system waits at Uncompressing Linux.Ok Booting kernel for sometime and then boots properly.

    I want to know how to debug the kernel.If i insert a module how to go about debugging it.What commands are supposed to be given.And which commands are supposed to be given where-i.e:target machine or development machine.

    Could anybody help!!!!!!!!!

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    This is a good book for gdb. See u can get an e-copy
    O'Reilly Media | GDB Pocket Reference.

    Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition: Chapter 4: Debugging Techniques
    This is also a good page for getting basics of gdb.

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