Hey all,

i have already successfully added a system call to minix 3 but i don't
know how to call it in order to execute it.

What i have done so far is :

1) added to /usr/src/kernel/system.c :

map(SYS_MYCALL, do_mycall);

2) added to /usr/src/kernel/system.h :
_PROTOTYPE( int do_mycall, (message *m_ptr) );

3) added the do_mycall.c implementation file inside /usr/src/kernel/

4) added to Makefile inside /usr/src/kernel/system :

$(SYSTEM)(do_mycall.o) \ (after the corresponding lines)

$(SYSTEM)(do_mycall.o): do_mycall.c
$(CC) do_mycall.c

5) added to /usr/src/include/minix/com.h

#define NR_SYS_CALLS 32 ( instead of 31 which was the previous
value )

6) then i did :
cd /usr/src
make includes
cd /usr/src/kernel/system
cd /usr/src/kernel
cd /usr/src/tools
make hdboot

All until here is correct! After reboot how can i execute my kernel call in order to see the results?