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    please help with patching/updating kernel.

    i recently installed slackware version 9 on a slaved HDD on my computer. sporting the asus p4p800, i had to manually install a driver for the onboard ethernet. i had never done it before, but the readme looked simple enough. i am greeted with an error message that says "this driver was compiled for 2.4.20 and your kernel is 2.4.18.

    i download the entire source from, unzip it, unarchive the tar in my /home directory, and do the following:

    make config
    make dev
    make bzImage
    make bzdisk
    make bzlilo

    and then restart.

    except i have the same ol' kernel .

    is there anything i did wrong? is there a way to easily patch my kernel as opposed to recompiling the whole dern source? thanks


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    First off, you have to put the source tree (what you untarred) into /usr/src (as root). Then, make a symlink called /usr/src/linux that points to that directory. Now you can cd to /usr/src/linux and make config, etc. Using menuconfig is a good bit easier (it's a curses-based config util).

    make menuconfig
    make clean && make bzImage modules modules_install
    Now you have to install the kernel...I'm not that familiar with lilo, but I think that someone has explained this on the forums before, so you can just grep for it.
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    something is still not working. this baffles me:

    i installed slackware 9.0.

    in the /usr/src directory, there is a directory called linux-2.4.20 (or something to that effect). but the kernel is version 2.4.18.

    so i go into this directory assuming the friendly slackware people want me to compile the kernel for myself. i follow, meticulously, some instructions i found (which are very old). so something must have changed.

    make menuconfig
    make dev
    make bzImage
    make bzdisk
    make bzlilo

    then i re-install lilo.

    it might just be that i have no idea what any of this does and therefore am messing it up. can anyone shed some light x_X. thanks.

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