I have a question about dump_stack() in SMP kernel <2.6>,based on i386 platform.
When kernel encounters serious problem (like invalid memory access), kernel will print oops, call dump_stack() to dump the frames in kernel.

When I checked the output from dump_stack() like:
c0271966 <aaa+9a/174>
c0128b1a <bbb+ae/124>
c0109400 <ccc+c4/c8>
I found the function ccc did not call bbb, and it seemed ccc was running on one cpu ,while bbb was running on another cpu.

So in SMP enviroments, each CPU has a separate executing routine, will dump_stack() only dump one CPU's routine frame , or mix the frames from different CPUs ?

Any one would help me to understand this point?

Thank you in advance!