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    ...while somewhere it seems I do need a patch:

    while running the script:

    Feb 26 21:54:30 host pppd[5007]: Using interface ppp0
    Feb 26 21:54:30 host pppd[5007]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/pts/1
    Feb 26 21:54:30 host pppoa3[5051]: pppoa3 version 1.3.1 started by root
    (uid 0)
    Feb 26 21:54:30 host pppoa3[5051]: Control thread ready
    Feb 26 21:54:30 host pppoa3[5051]: Error loading N_HDLC
    Feb 26 21:54:30 host pppd[5007]: Modem hangup
    Feb 26 21:54:30 host pppd[5007]: Connection terminated.
    You can see what happened.

    I don't have CRUX installedright now. I will ask Dapper Dan through PM to check by modinfo n_hdlc.

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    You need to configure the right support into the kernel. That the kernel supports it, doesn't mean that it's automatically enabled. If your kernel was compiled with hdlc support then maybe you just need to modprobe the module.

    Google is your friend as always, which is the *first* result when searching for your error: "Error loading N_HDLC".

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    Thanks, sounds of some help. Let me check if the module exists by default in the CRUX kernel or I'll download the 2.6.25 and won't trouble you anymore. BTW, CRUX is not made for SpeedTouch so there's nothing surprising even if the module is not there.

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    Thanks to all, I am sending this reply from CRUX desktop. Special thanks toi92guboj for the nice idea. That has truely solved my problem. Kernel compiled the whole afternoon and now its all ready.

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