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    Unhappy Problem with simple char device driver for serial UART 16550

    Hi, everybody! I'm woking on a Debian system-image in Vmware which has COM1 and COM2 linked (data transmitted to COM1 is received from COM2 and vice-versa).
    Currently i'm trying to write a simple device driver for UART 16550 (using interrupts for communication) and i encountered the following problem : after sending, let's say 256 bytes, at the receiving end i get the first 16 bytes right, and then, it just jumps over the next 15-20 bytes, and gives me the rest of the bytes in the right order. I ran the tests many times in a row but this keeps happening, the only thing that differs slightly is the number of bytes it jumps over. I really don't get it, i have been knocking my head over this for the last couple of days but can't figure it out.
    For each COM i'm using 2 buffers, a read buffer and a write one, which are both circular. Waiting queues are being used for the overall synchronization.
    The configuration and flow of program are as folllows:
    - the init module function registers the COMs and the interrupts assciated to them; the cleanup function of the module releases the resources
    - there's an ioctl function implemented to set the parameters and the settings look like:
    outb(0x00, IER);
    outb(ENABLE_DLAB, LCR);
    outb(config.baud, DIVISOR_LATCH_LOW_REG);
    outb(0x00, DIVISOR_LATCH_HIGH_REG);
    outb(config.par | config.stop | config.len, LCR);
    outb(0x07, FCR);
    outb(0x0B, MCR);
    outb(0x03, IER);
    where config is a struct passed in the call to ioctl and contains the values for baud, parity, stop bit and length
    - in the write function there's a call to "wait_event_interruptible" to make sure i synchronize with the interrupt handler and there's enough space in the write buffer to write the new data received from user space; after being "waked-up" from the wait(there is sure enough space now in the buffer to write at least one byte) i copy the data from the user-space buffer to my write buffer (as much data as space i have in the buffer); then i reactivate the THREI on the current COM.
    - in the read function i'm also waiting something in the beginning, that is to have at least one byte to read from the read buffer and paste in the user-space buffer; after that is acomplished i simply copy the data from kernel-space to user-space
    - in the interrupt handler, after verifying the nature of the irq received, i test the THREI and the RDAI bits from IIR and depending on which one is set i proceed: if THREI is set then i can send my data through the current COM so i go into a cycle (while the Empty Transmitter Holding Register in the LSR is set i drop bytes into the COM, and when i break the cycle i call a wake_up to let who is interested know that there is now space in the write buffer that awaites to be filled), and if RDAI is set then i do pretty much the same except verfying the DATA READY bit in the LSR and reading with "inb" bytes from COM into my read_buffer (after breaking the cycle there's a wake up call letting know that there is data to be read from the read buffer)
    I checked my setting many times and i can't find anythng unusual or wrong. That is also the case for the program flow i chose.
    Your help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Problem solved

    Problem solved. Don't know what caused it but i restructured the program and changed the macros i used and it works just fine now.

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    Need ur help

    I'm trying to write a simple device driver for UART 16550 (using interrupts for communication).This device driver is working fine on Fedora core 3 (kernel version 2.6.12),means it is able to transmit & receive data from device.
    Now I am trying to port this device driver for Fedora core 9 (kernel version
    I have changed the interrupt flag SA_INTERRUPT to IRQF_DISABLED.PC is tranmitting data to the device & device is also responding but I am not able to get data inside the PC.I don't know what to do.I was going through the Forum,After reading ur posting.I thought you may help me.So Please help me.If you have some Idea,send the reply to
    I will be very thankful to you.

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