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    Have 2 USB sound devices, need to ignore one of them

    I have a USB sound receiver for my audio device. I also have a magic jack phone adapter so i can use my phone on the internet. but this adapter has an audio plug in it so my system(gentoo) treats it as a usb sound device. the biggest problem with this is it always installs as card-0 and so all my software uses this device instead of my real USB sound device which is installs as card-1. I have all my sound modules built internal in the kernel. How can I get my real USB sound device to install as card-0 and have the usb magic jack ignored?

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    Why have all your sound modules built in?
    That is the beauty of modules, they act exactly as if they where built-in, but can be changed and used as required. I strongly suggest going back to the module method, and then you can write a nice simply bash script to actively add or remove the sound mdules based totally on your needs. Otherwise you stuck, as you "generally" cannot dicate the sequence of which sound device is card-0 and which is anyother has been the usual belief.

    Do some experiements yourself with udev rules and maybe - just maybe you can do it with modules (not inbuilt kernel), but I suspect your only hope is to load or unload the magic jack phone adapter usb module.

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