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    Ask about mouse motion event

    Hi everybody, i am write a module (fakemouse) which is base swinput to fake mouse event. My module can fake mouse click ( left, right and middle button) well, but it had some problem with mouse 's moving.
    I use function input_report_rel( ) to change position of mouse from current position (assume (x,y)) to
    position (x + dx, y+dy)
       input_report_rel(fkmouse.idev, REL_X, dx);
       input_report_rel(fkmouse.idev, REL_Y, dy);
    But with this function it not move from (x,y) to (x+dx, y+dy), it just jump from (x,y) to (x+dx, y+dy). I have some look at in the kernel, but i cant find the solution for this problem. Anyone can help me?
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    I don't completely understand what your problem is, but if you are expecting the mouse to move "slowly" so you can see it travel from (x,y) to (x+dx, y+dy) then your got to do some intermediate stepping. i.e.: you have to provide a programming loop of some type to "visually see" this movement.

    As the fake pointer does move from its source point (x,y) to destination point (x+dx, y+dy) is that not exactly as you would expect it to do?

    This is certainly not a Kernel issue, more likely the driver implementation.

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