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    Move process to CPU/Core?

    With all those Mutli-Core-CPU and Multi-CPU hardware popping up everywhere I really wonder if and how one can define that one process has to use a defined Core/CPU.

    The reason I ask is because I wonder if it would be possible to make a separation of CPU-insensitive processes and applications I want to use right now.
    I know there is the Linux scheduler that does a pretty good job with that, but it would be pretty cool if one can control this in some way.

    Sorry if this should be in another forum, but I thought it is mostly kernel-related, isn't it?


    PS: I do not yet have the hardware to test this yet - I'm just curious

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    Each process has cpu_affinity which is a mask of the CPUs on which the process is allowed to run.
    If you wish to run your process on a particular CPU all you have to do is just set the cpu_affinity of the process.

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    Ohhh, many thanks for that info digvijay.gahlot.

    Just for the curious, there are some nice command line tools like taskset for that:
    "taskset - retrieve or set a processes's CPU affinity Linux Man Page"

    Something like this (untested) should work fine:
    taskset  -c1,2 <command>	# Start a process and limit it to 2. and 3. CPU.
    taskset  -c1,2 -p<pid>	# Change affinity of existing process to only run on 2. and 3. CPU

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