I'm working on this idea of mine where I want to extract a key file from my cell phone using bluetooth, this file will then unlock my root file system (instead of the usb-stick I'm currently using) and continue the boot process. This way, my laptop will only boot if my cell is in range and have bluetooth enabled.

I have already written a small script who does the extraction part, which works like a charm while my system is up and running, but I'm having some trouble getting this to work during boot initialization.

To archive this, I'm using bluetooth in gnome to pair my device with my desktop. The script mounts the phone to a temporary directory using obexfs before it cat's the keyfile on my cell and then unmounts it.

I *think* I need to introduce some libraries to my initrd file, and from that I added a few lib's to initrd's /lib directory, but with no luck.

Have anyone tried this before? Is it even possible?