hi all:
I have tow questions here:
1> I create an entry under /proc, take /proc/my_proc for example, but when I want to remove the entry in the cleanup_module. The feedbacks from the system are always "my_proc is busy". So i had to reboot the system every time.(In the cleanup_module, I use remove_proc_entry() to remove the entry)

2>I want to count the number which the localhost output, I define a static int variable count, then I regist a hook function on the netfilter's local out hook point. All my hook function done is count++ then return "NF_ACCEPT". The problem is when i issue following command:
ping -c 10
but the count's value i read out from a proc file is 20, i want to kown why the result isn't 10? ( there is no cable connected to my network card, when i do this)

thanks in advance!