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    Question concerning kernel compiling

    In all the time I have used Linux I have only compiled my own kernel a couple of times so I am by no means an expert, I also am not a coder. I was wondering if I could compile a kernel as well as regular software for my old PIII laptop with limited memory on my much newer desktop system, AMD Athalon 64 X2 with 2 GB of ram. I am afraid that if I tried compiling it on the lap top it would take for ever. I know that my new pc could do the job must faster, I have several other linux boxes on my network and was also thinking about creating a small compile farm to make the job even faster. If this is possible would I just move the compiled kernel to the location that it would normally be placed if compiled on the same pc and then to edit the grub configuration script?
    Thanks and any suggestions that you could make will be greatly appreciated.

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    You can always compile on one machine for others in the network.

    Just be sure that you compile for the target machine.
    You then only have to copy the created kernel, its /lib/module/kernel-# modules; then generate the initrd file on the target, after modifing the /boot/grub/menu.1st file to add this new kernel to the bootable list.
    Remember to ensure that your new kernel is booting from the targets correct disk (root) partition. Also it helps to do a "/sbin/depmod -a" before booting the target machine.

    That's it.

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