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    vfat file system type

    i compiled 2.6.8 kernel with vfat and msdos file system type , and when i try to mount windows partition i get this : UNABLE TO LOAD NLS CHARSET cp437, VFAT: codepage cp437 not found. This codepage ( 437 ) was set as default value in kernel so i don't know what are diffrent codepages?

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    this is all I am cuurently able to find

    The following lines are thrown out during boot time:
    > Unable to load NLS charset cp437(nls_cp437)
    > Unable to load NLS charset iso8859-1(nls_iso8859_1)

    The National Language Support in the kernel is not satisfied with the modules you are trying to load. The FAT file systems now have an option with which you can set the codepage. I have in /etc/fstab the following:
    /dev/hda1 /dos/c
    vfat umask=002,gid=35,codepage=850
    Chack that you have the right modules in /lib/modules//fs/ and if not either recompile your kernel and configure your preferred code pages or give the right codepage option when mounting FAT partitions.

    i willl continue looking

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