I will be glad to know if anyone familiar with the core_pattern feature under

/proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern .
This feature suppose to enable core-files to be pipe to other programs as described in the

. If the first character of the pattern is a '|', the kernel will treat
the rest of the pattern as a command to run. The core dump will be
written to the standard input of that program instead of to a file.

Looking at the my /proc/sys/kernel directory I do not find the desired core_pattern file.
After talking with experts I discover the "kernel version 2.418" which I am using do not

support this feature, althoyught the official documentation described this feature is

available from kernel 2.2. Anyone knows a patch to enable the feature in kernel 2.418?
I really need this feature to take care of some core-files in my system
Thanks a lot