as u can guess, i'm a kernel n00b.... here's my question

basically we already hv code developed in userspace, now we want to move to kernel space..... but i'm a lazy usersapce developer and hv used a lot to libraries... like openssl, flex, regex
so my question is,
1. is there any way to attach these libs to lkm.... or how should i go about it....
2. much of my stuff is in c++... so can i link libstdc++ (i know this is an invitation to flames.... and it is absolutly bad idea to hv c++ code in lkm... but let me know is there any possibility to hv it in kernel??)
3. and is there any limitation on the memory we can use in lkm... i mean i might use kmalloc number of times.... or other way is it possible to pass data structure from userspace to kernel space??

plz bare with my lack of knowledge.....