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    Gadget driver for 2.4.20

    I am using ltib with linux ver 2.4.20 provided by freescale for i.Mx21S.

    Does anyone found or have any gadget driver for this version of linux.

    I want my system to be detected as a USB device on PC which can write to and recieve any data from the PC (may be having BULK IN& OUT EPs).

    Ex: the printer gadget driver in 2.6.22(usblp.c)

    If not found, can I backport any gadget driver(of newer versions) along with some of the gadget framework.

    Please leave your suggestions.


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    What is a "ltib"? Give a full description then others may be able to assist you further.

    Generally, you can use any recent driver port to "try out" your device, but then you either have to find a good driver with all the options you require or write your own (usually from anyother driver that supports close to what your aiming for).

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    Gadget driver for 2.4.20

    Ltib stands for "Linux Target Image Builder". It is a tool used to develop and deploy BSPs (Board Support Packages) for various target platforms.

    I am using the ltib version provided by Freescale for i.Mx21 processor, which has the linux version 2.4.20.

    This linux version does not support the full gadget framework as in 2.6.x

    Previously I had used linux 2.6.18, wherein, I could modify the printer gadget driver(device side driver) to suit the requirements of my system (basically for PC connectivity).
    But for some reason I have to go back to 2.4.20.
    This version has a very limited framework support for the gadget drivers.
    For example, there is no "file operations" support.

    So I just wanted to know if any one has tried back-porting the gadget framework so that any gadget drivers of 2.6.x can be used with this kernel.

    Note: The original 2.4.20 does not have any gadget framework, but the linux provided by freescale with ltib for i.Mx21 does have some amount of it.


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